Tesla briefly leaked all upcoming Supercharger locations

Tesla briefly leaked all upcoming Supercharger locations

Tesla appears to have accidentally leaked all the upcoming Supercharger locations around the world, but it fixed the issue.

The Supercharger network is already the largest EV fast-charging network in the world, and it is growing fast.

Tesla is slowly opening the network to non-Tesla electric vehicles, which is going to change the nature of the Supercharger network.

Lately, we have seen Tesla deploy new stations at a record pace.

It’s much harder than people think to deploy a DC fast-charging station. Once Tesla knows what it wants or needs to open a new Supercharger in a specific area, it needs to find a property to build it on and get the property owners to agree to a contract.

The automaker then needs to design the project and get it approved by the municipality and the local electric utility. Then, it needs to schedule a local contractor to do the installation and work with the local utility to get it activated.

Any problem at any step can cause significant delays or even cancel a project, which is why Tesla rarely shares the actual locations of upcoming Supercharger stations until they are ready.

That’s why it was strange yesterday when some internet sleuths spotted Tesla including specific addresses for all upcoming stations on its location page:

It was clearly a bug as Tesla quickly rectified the situation by removing the specific addresses and instead only including the town or city where the new stations are planned.

But here’s what it looked like before Tesla fixed its own leak:

Now I’d note that it doesn’t mean those addresses are going to be the exact locations of these new Superchargers. Tesla might be using them as potential locations – the number one choice for those areas – or even placeholders, really.

However, the few locations that I checked myself made sense in terms of the local amenities, so they might be locations that Tesla is actually working on.

If you missed the leak and want to see if Tesla is planning stations that would be important to you, don’t worry, because some people downloaded the addresses and are creating a map with them. The map currently only features Canadian stations, but it is still being updated. It’s going to be a long process since there are a lot of upcoming stations.

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