SUPER73’s neo-retro electric motorcycle shown in first actual testing video

SUPER73's neo-retro electric motorcycle shown in first actual testing video

LA’s most iconic electric bike brand wowed us earlier this year with a new concept electric motorcycle known as the SUPER73 C1X. At the time we only had the chance to look at a full-scale mock up of the eye-catching design. But now the company appears to have a functional prototype at their disposal.

We got our first look at the functional prototype via a brief teaser video sent out to reservation holders.

The video, embedded below, shows the SUPER73 C1X electric motorcycle making several passes through a parking lot, flanked by SUPER73’s electric bicycles.

The C1X prototype in the video is described as currently undergoing “preliminary testing”. We don’t know exactly what that entails, but the prototype appears to smoke a stock SUPER73 e-bike off the line, as one would expect.

SUPER73 is largely known as an electric bicycle company that is built around a strong community of riders and a powerful lifestyle brand.

When they unveiled the C1X electric motorcycle concept earlier this year, it was the first clue that the company had larger ambitions for two-wheeled EVs that passed beyond high-powered electric bicycles.

SUPER73 C1X electric motorcycle – so many questions

The SUPER73 C1X doesn’t have many published tech specs to its name yet, but the company said it is aiming for a top speed of over 75 mph (120 km/h) and a weight of under 300 pounds (136 kg).

SUPER73 is also aiming for a city range of over 100 miles (160 km), but we don’t have any details yet regarding the actual battery capacity. Though to be fair, there are electric motorcycles that are much closer to production that we still don’t have information yet about their batteries either.

The bike is said to roll on 15″ wheels and offer a 31″ minimum seat height, making it more comfortable for shorter riders. It may end up being closer to a Honda Grom or CSC City Slicker-sized motorcycle.

Unlike large flagship electric motorcycles, it should slot into a middleweight category between high-powered electric bikes and full-scale electric motorcycles.

Don’t expect to see it rolling out to reservation holders anytime soon though, as it appears to have a good year or more of development and production planning on the horizon.

We’ve seen other lightweight electric motorcycles from e-bike companies take their own long and circuitous path to production.

The SONDORS Metacycle electric motorcycle was unveiled nearly two years ago and just recently began making its first deliveries to California-based customers.

The Ryvid Anthem electric motorcycle has a similar power level and top speed as both the SONDORS Metacycle and the SUPER73 C1X, and is expected to roll out to reservation holders next year.

Kollter’s ES1 and RS1 electric motorcycles both offer commuter-level specs at relatively modest prices, at least compared to the more expensive flagship electric motorcycles.

CSC also has a commuter-spec electric motorcycle coming soon, offering the 80 mph CSC RX1E with an adventure bike-styled design yet with more urban friendly performance.

So while the SUPER73 C1X still appears to be prepping for testing, it will eventually roll out into a market with an interesting mix of lightweight and middleweight electric motorcycles designed to give riders motorcycle-level performance in a more approachable (and more affordable) format.

My single biggest remaining question though is this: How much will it cost?

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