Genesis to build first full-size luxury electric SUV next year to rival Cadillac, Range Rover

Genesis to build first full-size luxury electric SUV next year to rival Cadillac, Range Rover

A new Genesis electric SUV is set for production late next year, and it’s poised to take on the Cadillac Escalade and Range Rover. Genesis expects its first full-size electric SUV to have a big impact on the brand as it looks to outpace luxury rivals.

Genesis previewed the larger electric SUV after unveiling the Neolun concept in March. According to Genesis, the full-size electric SUV features “innovation that exceeds conventional standards.”

In other words, it’s expected to keep Genesis one step ahead of the competition. “It’s the epitome of timeless design and sophisticated craftsmanship,” Genesis Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke explained.

Featuring a “reductive design,” the concept’s design is simple but pure. It has no unnecessary lines or added details to clutter the modern design.

With added coach doors and no B-pillars, the design seamlessly flows from the vehicle’s body to the roof.

The design also creates a spacious interior. With an advanced “sound architecture,” where each speaker is strategically placed, the immersive audio experience is reminiscent of a concert hall.

Genesis Neolum full-size electric SUV concept (Source: Hyundai Motor)

Genesis to begin production on first full-size electric SUV

According to The Korean Car Blog, we may see the production version sooner than expected. The report notes Genesis (Hyundai Motor Group) will begin building the full-size electric SUV in December 2025.

The large electric SUV is expected to hit the market as the Genesis GV90. As one of the most popular segments in the US, Genesis expects the GV90 to make a big impact on the brand.

Genesis Neolum electric SUV concept (Source: Hyundai Motor)

The GV90 will be the first vehicle to ride on Hyundai’s next-gen “eM” platform. According to the report, Hyundai sent a request for quotation to its major partners detailing its plans.

Annual production volumes are stated as 21,000 for the GV90, 68,000 for the GV80, 40,000 for the GV70, and 51,000 for the G80.

Genesis electric SUV concept interior (Source: Hyundai Motor)

Hyundai believes its new platform can result in 20% savings for next-gen EVs compared to current models like the IONIQ 5. It will also be available with different battery options (NCM and LFP) for various uses.

Hyundai Motor, including Kia and Genesis, aims to become a top-three EV maker by 2030. The company aims to sell 2 million EVs globally by the end of the decade, with 13 new models expected to roll out on the next-gen platform.

Genesis Neolum electric SUV concept interior (Source: Hyundai Motor)

Genesis is already outpacing luxury rivals like Infiniti while closing in on Porsche and Land Rover. Can a full-size electric SUV help it top its luxury rivals? Drop us a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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