America’s first hydrogen garbage truck arrives in Las Vegas

America's first hydrogen garbage truck arrives in Las Vegas

New Way Trucks and the hydrogen fuel cell experts at Hyzon just revealed North America’s first hydrogen fuel cell-powered electric refuse truck at Waste Expo in Las Vegas.

The first fruits of the Joint Development Agreement (JDA) between New Way Trucks and Chicago-based HFC manufacturer Hyzon were revealed earlier today at the Las Vegas Convention Center with the kickoff of this year’s Waste Expo. Once the show is over, the HFCEV will be part of pilot programs throughout California, beginning with Recology, an employee-owned solid waste and recycling hauler based in San Francisco.

“As a leader in fleet sustainability, we’re proud to partner with New Way and Hyzon to bring the first hydrogen fuel cell electric collection vehicle to test in our communities in California,” said Recology CEO Sal Coniglio. “Recology has been preparing to transition our fleet to zero emission vehicles for nearly six years … this development is a major milestone, and we’re thrilled to be the first to demo this technology to help move our business and the industry forward.”

The truck itself is powered by one of Hyzon’s 200kW fuel cell systems, which the company says is 30% smaller, 25% more cost-effective to produce, and 20% more efficient at getting usable energy out of a kilogram of hydrogen than its competitors’ fuel cells.

Hyzon’s high-performance hydrogen fuel cells are tough enough to provide consistent power over 125 miles, including up to 1,200 cart lifts and trips to the transfer station. Combine that with the strength and durability of New Way’s most-requested automated side loader — the Sidewinder XTR™ — with smooth arm operation, up to a 12-foot reach and large 6-cubic-yard hopper for an unstoppable, sustainable refuse collection powerhouse.

new way trucks press release; via pr newswire.

What’s more, the Hyzon system has already proven itself in a similar pilot project in Australia — all of which is good news for operators.

“Building on Hyzon’s fuel cell electric refuse vehicle experience in Australia, Hyzon and New Way’s strategic partnership assembled a historic vehicle to eliminate emissions within a hard-to-abate industry,” said Hyzon Chief Executive Officer Parker Meeks. “This is evidence of our shared mission to provide North American refuse collection fleets with an alternative power solution that both meets zero emissions requirements and performs the hard work a refuse truck needs to deliver day in and day out.”

Electrek’s Take

Hyzon compact hydrogen fuel cell; image by Hyzon.

Waste collection routes seem ideal for battery electric vehicles, but nearly two decades of negative press and fake news about EV fires have muddied the waters to the point that a number of fleet operators have already decided, regardless of the data, that EVs aren’t for them. The future of fuel, to many of these fleet managers, is hydrogen — and a vehicle like this certainly gives them an option (however flawed) that will immediately reduce air pollution and improve the quality of life of the people that live and work on these garbage routes.

Is hydrogen ideal? No. Does it make sense as an alternative fuel? Also no. Is it cleaner than diesel? Maybe, and I want to celebrate the wins I can.

SOURCE | IMAGES: New Way Trucks, via PR Newswire.

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