Brewers fume at umpires after another ‘bad’ call

Brewers fume at umpires after another 'bad' call


The Brewers instead had runners on second and third with two outs while still trailing 1-0.

“Crazy play,” Pinto said.

Rays reliever Jason Adam hit Rhys Hoskins with a pitch to load the bases, but struck out Blake Perkins to end the game.

This came one day after the Brewers lost 15-5 to the New York Yankees in a game that featured its own controversial ruling with a different umpiring crew. Andy Fletcher, the crew chief for that game, acknowledged Aaron Judge should have been called for interference for his slide on a botched double-play attempt that sparked the Yankees’ tiebreaking seven-run rally in the sixth inning.

Brewers manager Pat Murphy believed his team got a raw deal again Monday. He was ejected for the first time this season after arguing that Frelick’s run should have stood.

“We deserve to at least be still playing right now,” Murphy said.

Murphy said he believed interference shouldn’t have been called in this case because Bauers’ backswing didn’t hit Pinto’s helmet until after the ball already had gotten past the catcher.

“In my opinion, that’s a bad call, they made a mistake and they changed the game,” Murphy said.

Guccione indicated that the rules regarding backswing interference still apply even if the ball already had gotten past the catcher.

“Backswing is backswing,” Guccione said. “I know Murphy’s argument was the catcher had to go [forward] and try to get the ball. It doesn’t really apply in this case. Backswing is backswing and that’s what we have to enforce. We watched the video — it was clearly backswing interference. I could hear it from first base.”

Pinto said after the game he didn’t have any headaches after Bauers’ bat hit his helmet. Pinto was still marveling over being part of a play he never had experienced before.

“That’s my first,” Pinto said. “Even in the minors, pro ball, winter ball, that’s the first time I’ve seen that play.”