Ford just opened orders for its enhanced-range E-Transit

Ford just opened orders for its enhanced-range E-Transit

Ford Pro is now taking orders for the newest version of its commercial EV, the E-Transit, with up to 32% more range and faster charge times.

The 2024 E-transit‘s larger 89 kWh battery (up from 67 kWh) provides an estimated range of up to 159 miles. Ford says that makes it capable of new use cases such as refrigerated delivery. 

The enhanced E-Transit also features dual onboard chargers that deliver a 22% faster charge time using Ford Pro’s 80A Series 2 charger and Ford Pro charging software. So, charging at Level 2 brings it from zero to fully charged in just over six hours, making it ideal for overnight charging.

The E-Transit also has improved DC charging, with 176 kW charging capability, up from 115kW. As my colleague Jameson Dow explained in March, “When connected to a suitably quick charger, this means a 2024 E-Transit (low roof model) can get 67 miles of range in 15 minutes, an improvement of 49% over the previous model.” All new E-Transits will have access to Ford’s new NACS adapter in addition to its CCS port.

Ford offers the E-transit in two lengths, three roof heights, three body styles, and up to 487 cubic feet of cargo volume.

The latest iteration of the US’s best-selling commercial EV costs $1,100 more than 2023’s base price. So before destination fees, the 2024 enhanced E-Transit’s price starts at $51,095. But it qualifies for the $7,500 federal EV tax credit, which brings its price down to $43,595, excluding possible state and utility incentives. Ford E-Transit orders can be placed through a Ford dealer.

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