Jays’ Cabrera tossed after benches clear vs. Rays

Jays' Cabrera tossed after benches clear vs. Rays

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Benches cleared at the end of the seventh inning of the game Saturday between the Blue Jays and Rays when Toronto pitcher Génesis Cabrera exchanged words with José Caballero and shoved the Tampa Bay shortstop.

Tempers flared after Caballero, who had singled to drive in a run, continued around the bases on third baseman Justin Turner‘s throwing error. Right fielder George Springer ran down the throw past first base and threw to shortstop Bo Bichette, who tagged Caballero out at third base for the final out of the inning.

Cabrera, who was backing up third base, and Caballero came together as the play concluded and exchanged words. The Blue Jays reliever shoved the infielder, and teammates spilled out of each dugout, but no punches were thrown.

“I saw the ball in the bullpen and started running. The coach is waving at me to go to third. When I got to third, I see Bichette had the ball already, so I gave myself up,” Caballero said. “I’m kind of slowing down and Cabrera comes out of nowhere and kind of tags me. But there’s no play, I’m already out.

“I just asked him, why did you push me?” the Rays infielder added. “He didn’t say a word. He just came up to me and pushed me again.”

Cabrera was ejected. The Rays led 4-1 at the time and went on to win 5-1.

“I will say it was more like the heat of the moment,” Cabrera said through an interpreter. “I mean, I think we all kind of overreact a little bit. … He kind of looked at me and I just react. … It’s part of the game sometimes, but it’s over with. It’s where it ends, right there.”

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