Clapham chemical attack: Everything we know so far

Clapham chemical attack: Everything we know so far

A man accused of a chemical attack on a mother and two children in Clapham, south London, is on the run and being hunted by three police forces.

Police have warned the public the suspect is “dangerous”, should not be approached, and anyone who spots him should call 999 immediately.

Clapham chemical attack latest: ‘Big questions’ for government as details of suspect’s crimes emerge

This is what we know so far.

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CCTV captures Clapham attack

The chemical attack

A 31-year-old mother and her two young girls aged three and eight were targeted with an alkaline substance in Clapham, south London, on Wednesday night.

The incident happened shortly before 7.30pm on Lessar Avenue, a street running from the south of Clapham Common.

It was captured on CCTV which showed a man running around a car before getting into the driver’s seat, with a woman and child in front of the vehicle holding their hands to their faces.

The man was then seen driving the car at the woman and struck her, before stopping the vehicle and getting out.

He opened the back door and appeared to remove a child, before violently throwing them to the ground.

The footage also shows people from neighbouring properties emerging from their homes.

Pic: James Weech/PA Wire
The car at the scene. Pic: James Weech/PA Wire

Eye witnesses told Sky News the suspect grabbed a young child from a white car before throwing her to the floor twice.

A witness, who asked not to be named, said the mother screamed “my eyes, my eyes” after the corrosive substance was thrown.

He chased the man down the street but the suspect fled the scene.

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Woman screamed ‘my eyes’ after attack

The victims

A total of 12 people were hurt during the incident, including the mother and her children, and five officers who were injured as they responded.

Three women – two in their 30s and one in her 50s – were treated for burns after trying to intervene. A man in his 50s was treated at the scene.

The mother and her two girls remain in hospital, with police saying the injuries to the woman and her three-year-old daughter could be life-changing.

Officers have said the suspect was known to the woman and have described the attack as “targeted”.

Abdul Shokoor Ezedi.
Pic: Met Police
Abdul Shokoor Ezedi. Pic: Met Police

The suspect

Police have named the suspect as 35-year-old Abdul Shokoor Ezedi.

It is understood he was granted asylum following two failed attempts after a priest vouched for his conversion to Christianity, saying he was “wholly committed” to his new religion.

He arrived in the UK by lorry in 2016 and claimed his life would be in danger if he returned to his native Afghanistan.

Six years ago, he was handed a suspended sentence for a sexual offence in Newcastle.

He had pleaded guilty to one charge of sexual assault and one of exposure, the Crown Prosecution Service confirmed.

His sentencing took place at Newcastle Crown Court on 9 January, 2018, when he was given a nine-week jail term suspended for two years for the sexual assault.

For the exposure he was given 36 weeks’ imprisonment to be served consecutively, which was also suspended for two years.

He was discharged from probation supervision in 2020.

Abdul Shokoor Ezedi was last seen on Caledonian Road.
Pic: Met Police
Abdul Shokoor Ezedi was last seen on Caledonian Road in Islington, north London, on 1 February. Pic: Met Police

The manhunt

Police have released a CCTV image of the last-known sighting of the suspect which places him in Islington, north London, at 8.48pm on Thursday.

He is wearing a blue and white top with a black hoodie.

Detectives highlighted “significant injuries” to the right side of his face.

The image showed a severe injury to his right eye, which was covered in blood.

“This makes him distinctive,” police said.

The image was taken from a Tesco store on Caledonian Road by King’s Cross Station, where he is believed to have purchased a bottle of water.

He left the shop and turned right.

Three of the UK’s biggest forces – the Metropolitan Police, Northumbria Police and British Transport Police – are looking for the suspect.