This company has upped the golf experience with a luxe EV cart that comes in a limousine version

This company has upped the golf experience with a luxe EV cart that comes in a limousine version

A special-purpose vehicle developer out of South Korea has introduced a new line of electric golf carts that can bring more technology and comfort to the game. While these innovative Cruise LABE EVs won’t help shave strokes off your score, they provide luxury, protection from the elements, and a slew of cool features sure to impress others on the links… maybe even the girls on the drink carts.

Daeji Precision Company is a Korean manufacturer founded in 1975 specializing in special-purpose vehicles. Over its nearly 50-year history, it has developed vehicles for Hyundai, Samsung, and the Korea International Trade Association.

Its current lineup consists of unique builds such as eco-friendly liquid snow removal vehicles, water cannon trucks, and even “protest suppression vehicles.” However, Daeji P&I caught our eye as an upcoming exhibitor at the PGA America Show, where it will showcase its Cruise LABE line of electric golf carts.

While golf is a sometimes frustrating but ever-evolving game thanks to advancements in club technology, the vessels that putt players around have remained relatively the same for decades. Some courses have adopted all-electric versions of the Club Cars you’d probably recognize, yet some still use noisy gas versions that never seem to fit in amongst the calm, pristine landscapes they navigate.

While the open design of these golf carts is beneficial on perfect days, the solutions for days where the weather could be better leave much to be desired. You’re either too hot with nowhere to cool down, getting pelted by drizzle as you cruise to the next hole, or too cold to truly enjoy yourself. Sure, there are zippable cloth walls for those cooler months, but they really slow the game down when you continuously have to open and close them to keep the heat in.

Daeji has a solution, and it’s an exciting one. The company is promoting a line of electric golf carts that can comfortably transport 4-6 passengers and their clubs inside a new design that protects players from stray balls and less-than-ideal weather with HVAC and a slew of cabin features.

It’s about time the electric golf cart evolved

Daeji P&I’s Cruise LABE line of electric golf carts provides a fresh, sustainable, all-weather solution to commuters on and off the tee box. Designed for golfers, these carts can also serve short-route travel options in smart cities, national parks, and resorts.

Available in a four-seat signature version and a six-seat presidential limousine variant, the Cruise LABE takes the golf cart to a premium level you may see in the clubhouse and around the course, but usually not within the vehicles to get you around.

Each cart comes equipped with heated seats, air circulation with the capability to add heating and air conditioning, mini bar storage, a thermoelectric refrigerator, and removable doors. The electric golf carts also come equipped with taller roofs for more headroom and an extendable sliding feature to keep your clubs dry or out of the sun.

Be gone with the days of torn, tired Club Car seats and windscreens that won’t stay up or are cracked. The Cruise LABE line of electric golf carts brings a new level of luxury to golf – a sport that already comes with its own level of prestige and comfort – it’s about time those vehicles matched the lifestyle.

72-volt lithium-ion batteries power each cart, enabling speeds up to 8 km/h (5 mph) in auto mode and 22 km/h (~14 mph) in manual mode. Maybe you’re merely a spectator on the course, or you’ve played so poorly that day you call it quits after nine holes (it happens); the Cruise LABE electric golf cart can make the rest of the round much more comfortable, whether you start DJ’ing on the included speaker, enjoying a beverage, or just relaxing in one of the leather seats.

Since these are manufactured in Korea, we have not determined their prices, but we have inquired. Following the Daeji P&I exhibit of the Cruise LABE electric golf carts with the PGA of America this month, we hope we see them on some US courses soon if they’re not already there.

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