Meet the all-electric MWM Spartan 2.0 that looks just like a G Wagon but is half the cost

Meet the all-electric MWM Spartan 2.0 that looks just like a G Wagon but is half the cost

The new all-electric MWM Spartan EV 2.0 looks just like the Mercedes-Benz G Wagon, but it’s less than half the cost. Czech startup MW Motors launched the EV off-roader as the UK’s first electric 4×4.

Electric Spartan 2.0 beats Mercedes G Wagon to market

MWM’s Spartan 2.0 promises exceptional on and off-road performance with 4×4 capability. The company says its new EV not only meets the demands of those dependent on 4x4s but goes beyond it.

The Spartan 2.0 is powered by a single electric motor in place of the gearbox with 174 hp (130 kW) and a whopping 793 lb-ft of torque. With a transfer case, you can manually select from two or four-wheel drive modes with high and low ranges.

It also includes front and rear locking differentials, Hill decent control, and regenerative braking. With a 61 kWh (57.4 kWh usable) battery, the Spartan 2.0 delivers about 150 miles of range.

The company believes the range is ideal for an average workweek. With DC charging rates of up to 90 kW, the electric Spartan 2.0 can charge from 20% to 80% in 36 minutes.

The all-electric MWM Spartan EV 2.0 (Source MW Motors)

It also has 230V bi-directional charging capabilities for power tools, camping equipment, and more.

With starting prices of £49,995 ($63,700), the all-electric Spartan 2.0 is less than half the cost of a Mercedes G Wagon. Mercedes G-Class vehicles start at £131,335 ($167,300) in the UK.

Spartan EV 2.0 (Source: MW Motors)

Given at 4,116 mm (162″) long, 1,812 mm (71″) wide, and 2,075 mm (82″) tall, the Spartan 2.0 is much smaller than the G-Class (190″ L, 75″ W, 78″ H). And it’s aimed at a different class of buyers.

The Spartan 2.0 EV includes up to 1,718 L of cargo storage and 6,600 lbs (3,000 kg) towing capability. That’s slightly less than the G-Class (up to 7,000 lbs).

According to Autocar, MWM engineers used customer feedback from its original Spartan EV (a converted UAZ Hunter, or Russian military 4×4) to design the off-roader.

Inside, the electric 4×4 features a “stylish” dashboard display and infotainment screen. The electric Spartan 2.0 is available in red, green, white, orange, and black.

Now, MW Motors just needs to bring it to the US. What do you guys think of the Spartan EV 2.0? Let us know in the comments below.

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