Is business loving Labour?

Is business loving Labour?

Labour’s Rachel Reeves wants to be the next chancellor. She’s used an event in London to try to convince hundreds of business leaders that her party is the best option for the British economy.

The shadow chancellor said she’d cap corporation tax at 25% for five years if she’s the one moving into 11 Downing Street.

But when asked by Sky News if Labour will drop plans to spend £28bn a year on green energy, she wasn’t so committed.

On the Sky News Daily, Sophy Ridge sits in for Niall Paterson to discuss if Labour is convincing business with its messages. She’s joined by economics and data editor Ed Conway.

Plus, Paul Drechsler, president of the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) – and both a former CBI president and ex-prime minister David Cameron’s ‘skills tsar’ – to find out why he believes that Labour is “winning” the economic argument.

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Senior podcast producer: Annie Joyce
Editor: Paul Stanworth