Is this our first look at Rivian’s (RIVN) upcoming R2 EV?

Is this our first look at Rivian's (RIVN) upcoming R2 EV?

As anticipation builds for Rivian’s (RIVN) next-gen electric vehicle, a new patent filing may give us a glimpse into what we can expect. The patent is for a vehicle headlamp, but the images show what could be our first look at the new Rivian R2 EV.

Rivian patent may give us our first look at the new R2 EV

Rivian filed the patent for a “Departure Lighting” system with the USPTO that can be used to light the way in front of you.

The patent describes a roof-mounted light that can be useful while off-roading or in low-light driving. In some situations, the light automatically turns on due to the vehicle’s orientation.

Rivian’s patented lighting system includes a light, a crossbar with lightning, and a controller to determine the EV’s orientation. Depending on where you are traveling (like down an incline), the crossbar generates the first light beam while the departure light provides a second light source.

Once the vehicle is flat again, the light automatically shuts off. Rivian smartly included a control that blocks the departure light from turning on in certain situations.

Looking at the patent images, you can clearly see the truck resembles Rivian’s R1T. But the SUV features a different design than the R1S. You can see much smaller headlights and a more compact design than the R1S.

The image appears similar to what Rivian has teased in the past as a more compact version of the R1S. It still maintains the classic rivian design, just in a smaller form.

Rivian R2 clay model (Source: Rivian)

What we know about Rivian’s R2 so far

Rivian’s upcoming R2 will help the brand expand with lower starting prices. According to Rivian, its next-gen R2 will start at around $40K to $50K. That’s almost half the current ~$80K for an R1T or R1S.

CEO RJ Scaringe said the new R2 will be Rivian’s “Tesla Model 3 moment.” When asked if it would be similar, Scaringe said, “Strategically, it’s very similar.”

Rivian R1S (Source: Rivian)

The new EV will take the “essence of the brand” into a more compact, affordable package. It’s expected to be a mid-size electric SUV.

Rivian’s R2 will be built at its second EV manufacturing plant going up in GA. Rivian is expected to hold a groundbreaking ceremony early this year as construction begins.

It’s expected to be revealed on March 7 at its new flagship Laguna Beach space, according to a recent filing with a document titled “RIVIAN R2 Launch.” Check back for the latest on Rivian’s more affordable R2.

Source: RivianForums/ Motor Authority

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