This new HiPhi A hypercar is a carbon fiber-clad collaborative EV teasing an awesome future

This new HiPhi A hypercar is a carbon fiber-clad collaborative EV teasing an awesome future

Luxury EV marque HiPhi introduced its latest model from its native Shanghai this morning and it’s a marvel in futuristic design language. Described by HiPhi’s founder as a “work of art for the new era,” the HiPhi A is the young automaker’s first collaborative model, built with the help of WESAIL New Energy Automotive. This new EV is packed with tech inside and out, so be sure to read on.

HiPhi is the future-focused EV marque that exists under Human Horizons Technology – a Chinese start-up based in Shanghai that develops autonomous driving and EV technologies. After being founded in 2017, Human Horizons launched the HiPhi EV brand a year later alongside designs for three initial vehicle concepts.

One of those concepts became known as the HiPhi 1 SUV, which evolved into the company’s flagship production model, the HiPhi X “Super SUV.” The X was soon joined by a “Digital GT” called the HiPhi Z in 2022, equipped with a robotic touchscreen and automatic suicide doors.

This past spring, HiPhi began the process of TÜV SÜD testing to allow for sales Europe. By June, HiPhi was sharing EU pricing as certification was in place and even shared plans to add its Y SUV to the lineup overseas, following its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show.

With three bespoke models available, or on their way to China and Europe, the automaker has announced a fourth EV called the HiPhi A – its first model designed as a collaboration with other Chinese entities. Check it out.

HiPhi A teased ahead of debut, limited series run

The luxury EV automaker shared the images above following a global livestream event held from its headquarters in Shanghai earlier today. Also present was WESAIL New Energy Automotive – HiPhi’s partner in the A’s design, providing its proprietary Apollo hypercar elements.

HiPhi supplied its own battery and motor technology to the A hypercar, whose design also kicked off a long-term strategic partnership with ShanghaiTech University – also announced today. Together, the partners will work to complete the process of closed-loop EV development.

The EV’s exterior features a carbon fiber and matte paint finish, while below the vehicle is an industry first carbon fiber, bullet-proof bottom shield and a fireproof sprayed carbon fiber top cover. The interior and exterior features aircraft grade TC4 titanium alloy, as well as high-performance aluminum alloys and nano-ceramics.

Overall, the automaker is describing the collaborative HiPhi A as the ultimate 4-door, 4-seater and a “digital EV hypercar for the next generation.” Per company founder, chairman, and CEO, David Ding:

Current trends will always continue to evolve and change with the advancement of technology and the passage of time, while classic and refined luxury has an enduring appeal. From the internal combustion engine era to the new era of intelligent electric mobility, the top hypercars should represent the pinnacle of innovative technology while still paying tribute to the classics, showcasing the transformative nature as a way to look toward the future. The combination of HiPhi’s luxury product concept, first-class development and industrial capabilities with WESAIL New Energy Automotive’s Apollo supercar elements, combined with the technical expertise and innovation from ShanghaiTech University, makes HiPhi A what it is – a true work of art for this new era.

On the performance side, HiPhi says the 4-door A will be its first model to feature its new powertrain developed in-house, equipped with motors that utilize ultra-high-speed carbon-fiber rotors, sitting atop an 800V platform. The automaker says the EV can accelerate from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in just over 2 seconds and it is targeting a top speed of nearly 300 km/h (186 mph). Lastly, HiPhi says the battery pack in its platform will be able to discharge 1.5MW of power at its peak.

We will learn more about the HiPhi A when it makes its official debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show later this week. For now however, we do know the company’s latest hypercar is scheduled to begin production and initial deliveries in the first quarter of 2025. Its creators say the A will be produced in a limited series run, but to what scope remains to be known. We will report back once we learn more following the auto show event.

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