Vinfast achieves milestone with first batch of VF8 EVs shipped to the US

Vinfast achieves milestone with first batch of VF8 EVs shipped to the US

Vietnamese electric vehicle maker Vinfast hit a major milestone Friday, shipping the first batch of VF8 SUVs to the US.

Vinfast made its grand debut at the LA Auto show last year, introducing the VF8 and VF9 EVs to the world.

After vowing to end the production of gas-powered models, Vinfast has been moving rapidly, delivering the first locally produced EV sold in Vietnam in December 2021.

Within 48 hours of opening reservations, Vinfast claimed it had 24,000 orders globally, paving the way for Vietnam to become one of the few countries producing fully electric vehicles.

Vinfast delivered the first 100 VF8 models in September, standing by its intentions of becoming a global EV brand. The automaker said its next batch of about 5,000 would be shipped to the US, Canada, and Europe, starting in November.

After debuting two new EV SUVs, the VF6 and VF7, Vinfast hopes to become the EV manufacturer for everyone with models in B, C, D, and E auto segments.

Vinfast is making good on its promise as the first batch of VF8 EVs is making its way to the US.

Vinfast VF8 Source: Vinfast

First Vinfast VF8 EVs en route to the US

Vinfast held a ceremony Friday, marking the first batch of 999 VF8 exports to the US. The EV models are expected to arrive in California in about 20 days after deporting from Vietnam.

The first US customers can expect to receive orders by the end of 2022. At the event, Vinfast CEO, Mr. Nguyen Viet Quang said:

The export of the first 999 VF 8s is a significant event for VinFast and Vingroup and a proud historical milestone for the Vietnamese automotive industry. It affirms that Vietnam has successfully produced high-quality standards electric vehicles that are ready to compete in the international market. We hope that, when VinFast’s smart electric vehicles roll out on the streets around the world, it will help promote the image of a new, dynamic and progressive Vietnam to the global audience.

Vinfast says this is the first batch of exports to satisfy its 65,000 global orders already placed for VF8 and VF9 models. The automaker plans to continue exporting VF8 lots to the US and Canada in early 2023.

Vinfast VF9 deliveries will also commence at the start of next year, with global reservations for the VF5, VF6, and VF7 starting soon.

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