Here are the current Kia electric cars available for EV buyers, including price, specs, and more

Here are the current Kia electric cars available for EV buyers, including price, specs, and more

Kia is a frontrunner in the EV race as the South Korean automaker undergoes a full-scale business overhaul. The company plans to introduce a lineup of 14 electric vehicles by 2027. Here’s the lowdown on what’s available now.

Here are Kia electric cars available now

Kia has been experimenting with eco-friendly mobility solutions for several years now, such as hybrid and alternative fuel technology. However, in recent years, Kia has taken a giant leap forward, releasing fully electric models such as the Kia Soul EV.

The electric Kia Soul model was first released as a compliance model fitted with an electric motor and battery pack to adhere to zero-emission standards.

Kia’s electric cars have advanced significantly over the past few years as the company invests in new technology. The automaker revealed the fully electric Kia Niro EV crossover at CES in Las Vegas in 2018, representing the next generation of Kia electric cars.

In May 2021, Kia unveiled its first dedicated electric car, the EV6, an appealing crossover built on Kia’s Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP).

The automaker is now ditching the Soul for its upgraded Kia Niro EV as it believes the model encompasses the brand’s mission to reduce carbon emissions and provide a sustainable future.

See below for details on Kia’s electric cars, including prices, range, specs, and more.

Kia Niro EV

Starting Price Battery (kWh) EPA Range HP Torque (lb-ft)
EX $39,990 64.0 239 201 291
EX Premium $44,650 64.0 239 201 291
2022 Kia Niro EV trim options

The Kia Niro EV EX includes several features, including:

  • Aerodynamic front grille complete with charging port
  • Exclusive blue accents on the front and rear bumpers
  • 10.25″ touchscreen display
  • Automatic climate control
  • Hardon Kardon premium audio

Although the Kia Niro EV EX and EX Premium host the same performance, the Premium comes with added features such as a power sunroof, ventilated and heated front seats, LED interior mood lighting, and rear parking assist.

Essentially, the question becomes, do you want to pay $5,000 more for the added features?

Kia EV6

Starting Price Battery (kWh) EPA Range HP Torque (lb-ft)
Light (RWD) $41,400 58.0 232 167 258
Wind (RWD) $47,500 77.4 310 225 258
Wind (e-AWD) $51,400 77.4 274 320 446
GT-Line (RWD) $51,700 77.4 310 225 258
GT-Line (e-AWD) $56,400 77.4 274 320 446
2022 Kia EV6 trim options

Which KIA EV6 trim is best for you? To answer that, ask yourself a few questions.

For one thing, if you want a sportier appearance, you will want to go with the GT-Line, as it comes with Kia’s performance body styling.

The Light model is going to be Kia’s entry-level electric car with the lowest starting price and range. It still comes with dual 12.3-inch panoramic connectivity displays, a six-speaker audio system, five USB ports, blind spot detection, and highway drive assist.

From there, the Wind model will cost about $6,000 more for a larger battery, higher range, and superior performance. Furthermore, the Wind model also has an additional onboard power generator (to recharge electric bikes, e-scooters, a campsite, etc.) and a 14-speaker system.

Although the GT-Line boasts the same performance as the Wind models, Kia’s GT-Line is equipped with sleek flush door handles, a performance steering wheel, and an augmented reality heads-up display.

Are Kia’s electric cars for you?

With low starting prices and beautiful, esthetically pleasing designs, Kia’s electric cars are designed for everyone. The automaker offers options for any driver with base models, sporty designs, and longer-range options.

Both the Niro EV and EV6 are capable, efficient cars, and Kia has done well so far in transforming its business to electric cars. With 14 electric models on the way, Kia is showing it’s a contender in the rapidly expanding EV market.

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