Check out BLUETTI’s newest solar energy storage technology, including the new EP600 portable power station

Check out BLUETTI's newest solar energy storage technology, including the new EP600 portable power station

Fresh out of the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, BLUETTI Power Inc continues to demonstrate why it’s the name to beat in portable and solar energy solutions. Although there is a whole arsenal of products for you to choose from, its BLUETTI’s latest three that have truly set a new standard for the energy storage solutions industry. This includes the BLUETTI AC500 + B300 combo, the ultra-portable EB3A power station, and the brand new EP600 station, which can power most home appliances.

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BLUETTI is back with a slew of new products

BLUETTI currently sits comfortably as one of the most prominent names in mobile energy solutions, backed by sustainable solar technology.

Its range of eco-friendly products currently extends to over 70 countries around the globe, offering the latest technology in the form of power stations, battery backups, and solar generators that offer portable energy for a multitude of scenarios – all at prices to fit any budget. Make no mistake, there’s more to success than delivering some of the best products on the market, but consistency of quality throughout a multitude of different options is also key.

BLUETTI stays ahead of the pack by leveraging its accumulated strength and knowledge through R&D to offer a wide range of advanced energy storage products like the AC200MAX, AC300+B300, EB70, EB55, and AC50S, plus the solar panels to support them.

At this year’s recent IFA consumer electronics show overseas, BLUETTI showcased three of its newest products offering strong capabilities at different price points. Have a look.

Check out the AC500 + B300 combo, capable up to 18,432Wh

The BLUETTI AC500 is a portable power station that is 100% modular, functioning entirely from its expansion batteries. To that end, it can seamlessly connect to both B300 and B300S batteries, offering varying capacities to suit any and all energy needs.

As a stand-alone power station, the AC500 offers intuitive functions and an array of features to ensure you keep any and all devices powered, no matter where you are. To begin, its 5,000W pure sine wave inverter provides massive output and is bolstered by 10,000W surge power. Its max input is 6,000W with 1 x B300S battery and 8,000W with two or more B300S packs. This includes AC and solar inputs simultaneously.

Other features include the ability to recharge and discharge simultaneously, plus app control using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, which also offers the ability for over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates. The AC500 is equipped with sixteen ports that offer nine different charging methods to match any plug you need.

The modularity of the BLUETTI AC500 is probably its most exciting feature, as you can expand the station with up to six B300S batteries to garner 18,432Wh of stored energy. Better still, the power station is also equipped with a Split Phase Bonding Function, in which you can connect two AC500s to double your capacity, voltage, and power to a mind boggling 36,864Wh (240V/6,000W). Note that a Fusion Box Pro from BLUETTI is required and sold separately.

The BLUETTI AC500/B300S combo is currently available to reserve on Indiegogo starting at $3,199. That’s 33% off for a limited time, so don’t delay. It has already hit the market in the EU and should arrive in the US this December.

BLUETTI’s EB3A power station is small but mighty

The EB3A is a lightweight power station that still delivers more than adequate energy and super fast recharge speeds to boot. After making its initial debut at CES in Las Vegas this past January, BLUETTI finally began sales of the EB3A this past June.

The power station is powered by LiFePO4 battery cells that deliver an output of 600W and longevity beyond 2,500 charging cycles. BLUETTI promises this ultra-portable power station will maintain 80% of its original capacity when it reaches that point in its lifecycle.

At just 10.14 pounds, the EB3A is super easy to travel with through any adventure, but in true BLUETTI fashion, it still packs massive energy storage for its size – 268Wh to be exact. What about those super fast charging speeds? Great question. The EB3A features 330W fast charging that enables an 80% charge in only 40 minutes.

This power station also comes ready to go with two AC outlets, two standard USB-A ports, and one 100W USB-C port. DC outputs include two 12V/10A outlets with pins and one car port. That’s nine ports in total to suit any and all power needs.

As previously mentioned, the EB3A is currently available on the BLUETTI website for $60 off, coming in at a total of $239. Be sure to get your hands on one while those EB3As are still in stock.

BLUETTI power station

The EP600 Power Station: BLUETTI’s newest marvel

We’ve saved the best for last when we’re talking about the newest and most powerful BLUETTI product to date, introducing the recently announced EP600 portable power station.

This product is loaded with disruptive technology that BLUETTI believes will become a true milestone for the advanced energy storage industry when it hits the market.

Combined with the newly announced B500 expansion batteries, the EP600 can deliver up to 6,000W (79 kWh) of energy, capable of powering most home appliances. That’s more battery capacity than some electric vehicles.

More details are sure to come from BLUETTI as the EP600 portable power station approaches deliveries in 2023.

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