Tesla releases video of its new electric semi truck prototype on test track

Tesla has released a video of its new Tesla Semi electric truck prototype on the test track.

The new prototype is believed to be Tesla’s first vehicle to be equipped with the new 4680 cells.

Last week, we reported on Tesla being spotted filming a new Tesla Semi prototype on its test track at Fremont factory.

Tesla hadn’t produced new electric semi truck prototypes for years.

Two Tesla Semi prototypes from this new generation have been spotted, but they both were on the back of trailers.

The sighting on the test track was the first time that the new electric trucks were spotted moving by their own power.

Now Tesla has released a teaser of what they were filming at the test track:

The fact that the new prototypes are being driven is significant considering that they are expected to be equipped with Tesla’s new 4680 battery cells and possible even Tesla’s new structural battery pack.

At Tesla’s battery day last year, the automaker said that the new cells would enable vehicles like the Tesla Semi.

With production getting closer, those new prototypes are expected to potentially already be equipped with the new cells from Tesla’s pilot production in Fremont.

When unveiling the Tesla Semi, the automaker said that the electric truck would be available in 2019.

After a few delays, Tesla talked about “low-volume production in late 2020,” but the timeline was later pushed to 2021.

Last summer, CEO Elon Musk told employees in an email obtained by Electrek that “it’s time to bring Tesla Semi to volume production” without updating the timeline.

More recently, Tesla has indicated that the electric truck would enter production this year with some deliveries to customers.

The automaker has also indicated that it plans to use some of the early Tesla Semi production for its own logistic operations, especially on the route between Gigafactory Nevada and Fremont factory, where the automakers moves a lot of battery packs and drivetrains.

Tesla Semi is expected to reduce logistic costs thanks to a lower cost of operation and also reduce emissions in Tesla’s operations.

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